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Monday, January 16 2023
Martin Jumbos

Season 2 Episode X of Martins & More is as large and lovely as the Martin Jumbo models that Maury and Spoon are exploring in this podcast! The size J and even grander Grand J are modern Martin inventions that are well-loved for their shape, volume, and tone.

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Monday, January 09 2023
The Martin D-28

Season 2 Episode 9 of Martins & More explores the history and majesty that is the iconic Martin D-28. Between Maury’s expertise in Martin models and Spoon’s expertise in Martin history, legends, and lore, what better way for an acoustic guitar fan to spend an hour than listening to a couple good pals extolling the virtues of a true acoustic guitar icon?

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Monday, August 29 2022
Why Buy a Small Guitar?

Season 1 Episode 17 of Martins & More is dedicated to Martins made with smaller bodies, which can appeal to many players for many different reasons.

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Tuesday, March 15 2022
Do Three D-35 Sunbursts sound the same?

Martin D-35 Sunburst Triple Feature! At Maury’s Music, we happened to have three identical D-35 Sunburst models on the premises. This allowed us to take a close look at just how much alike they truly are, and where their individuality might be noticeable.

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Thursday, December 23 2021
Blueridge BR-160 vs Martin HD-28

Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Music Making!! In this blog post, we shall look at two of most successful rosewood Dreadnoughts on the market today, the Blueridge BR-160 and the Martin HD-28. Santa Claus received many requests for both from good boys and girls, for very good reasons.

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Thursday, December 09 2021
Blueridge BR-240 vs. Martin D-12E
This holiday season is a prime time for bargain hunters seeking end-of-the-year cheer for their ear, and for that pocketbook they hold so dear. The Blueridge BR-240 and the Martin D-12E each make great gifts for your favorite musician, including if that happens to be YOU!
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Wednesday, November 24 2021
Martin 000-15M vs D-15M

Martins made with a mahogany back and sides are prized for the purity of their uncomplicated tone and their classic, understated good looks. But the mahogany mystique is most unique in the guitars from Martin’s 15 Series, as they are constructed with the addition of a mahogany top that produces a special kind of tone.

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Thursday, October 28 2021
Blueridge BR-180 vs Martin D-45

Blueridge BR-180 vs. Martin D-45
The Blueridge BR-180 is one handsome acoustic guitar with a powerful voice. The gorgeous tonewoods are inlayed with high-color abalone pearl, making this stunning stallion stand out from the herd, as the top-of-the-line dreadnought in the Historic Series. The Martin D-45 is the flagship of C. F. Martin’s Standard Series, setting the standard for professional-level acoustic guitars. In this blog post we will compare and contrast these two exceptional examples of modern luthiery.

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Thursday, September 09 2021
Blueridge BR-143 vs Martin 000-18

The clear, woody tones singing from the sound hole of an Auditorium-size acoustic guitar with mahogany back and sides and topped with Sitka spruce makes beautiful music indeed. The Blueridge BR-143 is just such an instrument. On paper, the BR-143 appears to be quite similar to the celebrated Martin 000-18. You know what? They actually are quite similar, with perhaps the biggest difference between them being the expense required to own a 000-18 compared to the amazingly affordable price of the BR-143.

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Wednesday, August 11 2021
Martin OM-28 vs Blueridge BR-163

The latest installment of Maury’s popular A vs. B series compares two popular guitar models, the Blueridge BR-163 from the Historic Series of traditional designs inspired by various pre-war Martin guitars, and the Martin OM-28 from the Standard Series, which upgraded in 2018 to get its own pre-war Martin styling. These two awesome Auditorium-size acoustic are similar, yet offer a unique playing experience from one another.

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Tuesday, March 02 2021
The Martin D-28 vs. HD-28

What is the difference between the Martin D-28 and the upgraded version of it, the HD-28? On Monday, February 8, Maury took part in an online symposium dedicated to comparing these most-loved Martin models and how scalloped bracing played a part in their evolution. The panel included Aaron Short who was hosting it on his YouTube channel, Aaron Short Music, and featured our pal Spoon Phillips. Read more!

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Thursday, February 27 2020
Martin OMJM vs OM-28

Today’s Standard Series OM-28 and the OMJM each borrow features from the now retired OM-28V from the Vintage Series... but they also have significant differences from one another. Read more!

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Thursday, September 19 2019
Why So Many Versions of the D-28?

Why are there so many versions of the D-28 for sale? From its introduction in early 1930s, the Martin D-28 set the standard that all other acoustic guitars have been compared to ever since. Today, Martin offers more than one version of this most-iconic acoustic guitar, inspired by various renditions from the D-28’s historic past. And we are going to take a closer look at each of them in this blog post. Read more.

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Wednesday, September 04 2019
Martin D-28 vs HD-28

Martin Guitar Comparison #1 – 2018 D-28 vs. 2018 HD-28

I cannot remember how many times we’ve been asked to compare two different Martin guitars for a customer on the verge of purchasing one or the other. Today we are featuring the reimagined versions of the Martin D-28 & HD-28. Read more!

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Wednesday, April 24 2019
Martin CEO-7 vs CEO-9

The NEW Martin CEO-9 closely resembles the super-popular CEO-7. Both guitars were designed by Company CEO, Chris Martin, and have many features in common. Which one might you like best? 

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Wednesday, April 24 2019
Martin D Junior comparison

At Winter NAMM 2019 C.F. Martin & Company debuted the new Dreadnought Junior 10 and Dreadnought Junior 10 Burst. The new DJr-10 design differs from the previous version in one significant way, the depth of the body is shallower. Read more.

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Monday, February 26 2018
The Martin D-45 vs the Reimagined 2018 D-45

Maury compares the older style Martin D-45 to the new Reimagined 2018 D-45.  Which do you prefer & why?

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Thursday, December 14 2017
Martin 000-28 vs OM-21 vs OM-28

A few weeks ago we compared the Martin 000-28 vs OM-28.  That generated some good discussion, and one customer asked us how those two compare to the Martin OM-21. Let's find out!

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Wednesday, December 06 2017
Martin GPC-18E vs GPC-28E vs GPC-35E

Maury compares three Martin Grand Performance Cutaway guitars.  The GPC-18E
GPC-28E and GPC-35E.  Which do you prefer & why?

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Tuesday, November 21 2017
Martin OM-28 VS 000-28

What's the difference between the Martin 000-28 and OM-28?  Good question!  Maury's been playing the OM-28 since 1998, and he had to navigate this same choice.  Read on.

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Thursday, October 12 2017
Martin Guitar Body Size Comparison

By popular request, Spoon Phillips compares 3 popular Martin Guitar body sizes.  The OMC-18E, GPC-18E and DC-18E.  Check it out!

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Saturday, July 15 2017
Martin D-28 2016 vs 2017

Maury compares the 2016 Martin D-28 with the new, updated 2017 version.  Which do you prefer & why?

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Monday, May 22 2017
Spoon Phillips compares the Blueridge BR-183 & BR-183A

Spoon Phillips compares the Sitka-topped Blueridge BR-183 to the Adirondack-topped BR-183A.  Which one do you prefer & why

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Thursday, January 26 2017
Blueridge Adirondack Dreadnought Comparison

One of our customers requested a comparison video.  He wanted to hear the differences between the Blueridge BR-140A and BR-160A.  We said give us 24 hours and we'll do the BR-180A too.  And our story does unfold.  

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Wednesday, September 28 2016
Martin HD-28V vs. Blueridge BR-160

​This week the underdog takes on the champ and we compare the Martin HD-28V to the Blueridge BR-160.


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Thursday, May 05 2016
Reverend Dub King vs Mercalli 4

This week we turn up and make the walls shake when we take a look at two Reverend bass guitars.

"Hollow body guitars are something of a hybrid between an solid body electric and a 6 string acoustic. Like a solid body guitar, hollows start out with a solid block of wood for the body. However, rather than a minimal amount of cavities being routed for the electronics, on a hollow body the luthier routes more cavities in the guitar, essentially deleting as much wood as possibly without significantly compromising the structural integrity of the instrument. Once the guitar is “hollowed out” a thin veneer of wood is placed over the top of the guitar to cover the routed cavities and create little air chambers throughout the body of the instrument."

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Thursday, April 21 2016
Acoustic Guitar Break-In

This week we take a look into the future! Will your guitar sound better next year than it does today? That depends on how well it "Breaks-In".

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Wednesday, March 23 2016
The New 17 Series 00 Guitars

This week we take a look at two of the new Martin 17 Series guitars and discuss their biggest difference, 12 vs 14 fret construction.

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Monday, March 14 2016
Maury compares 2 Martin D-28 guitars

Maury compares 2 Martin D-28 guitars.  In the first video, we shot the footage without restringing the guitars.  In the second video, both D-28's are strung with brand new sets of Martin MSP-7200s. 

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Wednesday, November 18 2015
Martin D28 vs Martin D35

This week we take a look at two of Martin's most iconic dreadnoughts, the D28 and the D35.

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Wednesday, August 12 2015
Martin VTS test - 2 D-28 Authentic 1941's

We tested a VTS Martin D-28 Authentic 1941 against a non-VTS version of the same guitar.  Check out the results & let us know what you think!

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Wednesday, August 12 2015
Martin HD-28V vs the D-28 Authentic 1941

Over the years Martin has changed the exact position of the "X " bracing numerous times, but on modern Martins the standard positioning of the center of this X is about 1.5” from the soundhole. If the center of the X gets closer to the soundhole this is known as forward shifting. If the center is farther away it’s known as rear-shifting.

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Wednesday, July 15 2015
D-28 Marquis vs. D-28 Authentic 1937

This topic was actually requested by a customer who was having some difficulty understanding the difference between the D-28 Marquis and D-28 Authentic 1937. Both of these guitars offer similar woods, construction and features. However, as with all things acoustic guitar, the devil is in the details and it’s only by looking carefully at the specs that you’ll get a full picture.

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