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Wednesday, December 23 2015
Martin Guitar Bracing Patterns

With so many variations on their bracing available, choosing the style right for you can seem like challenge. This week we're going to break down different bracing styles and see what makes each one unique. 

"Undoubtedly the most popular bracing pattern Martin uses is their 'X' bracing. Found on the majority of Martin instruments, the X bracing was first developed in the 1850s. This 'X' bracing took the place of the more traditional fan bracing used by European guitar builders at the time. While maybe not as ideal for the gut strings used during this period, as the market changed and players started demanding louder instruments, Martin's sturdier 'X' bracing allowed for an easier transition to the higher tension steel strings necessary to achieve that. "

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Monday, December 21 2015
Fretboard Journal - Great Martins!  1936 D-18

We've teamed up with our friends at the Fretboard Journal to bring you some... Great Martins!

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Monday, December 14 2015
Chris Davis dropped by

At Maury's Music, we play the products we sell.  Maury has performed onstage with some very talented local musicians over the years, and they're all fans of Maury's Music.  :)

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Wednesday, December 09 2015
Maury visits Brothers Music Shop

Maury visited Brothers Music Shop in Wind Gap, PA.  Dave & Rich are good friends of ours and their years of experience working at Martin Guitar has fueled their passion for instrument repair.

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Wednesday, December 09 2015
Choosing Between Bolt-Ons and Set-Necks

Do you consider what neck joint your next electric guitar will have? Should you?

"The prevailing opinion I’ve found online is that Set-Neck guitars carry vibrations better than a Bolt-On. This means that, in theory, the Set-Neck guitar should vibrate more easily and the sustain of the notes should be longer than on a comparable Bolt-On guitar. The amount of difference claimed has a lot to do with who you ask. Some players will say that there is a slight difference while others will assert that the difference is huge (I get visions of Nigel Tufnel from Spinal Tap when I hear this)."

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