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Wednesday, July 29 2015
Martin Sustainable Wood Series

Many guitar companies are looking towards more responsibly sourced woods with which to build their instruments, both for their more positive impact on the word at large as well as the security they will provide for the manufacturer years down the line.

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Monday, July 27 2015
Chris Davis dropped by

At Maury's Music, we play the products we sell.  Maury has performed onstage with some very talented local musicians over the years, and from time to time, many of them stop by for a visit.  

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Tuesday, July 21 2015
UMGF Volunteer Performers

Maury's Music would like to thank all of the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum members who volunteer their time and talents, onstage during the Martin on Main event each year!

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Wednesday, July 15 2015
Why Buy Mesa Tubes?

 It’s no great mystery that musician’s buy tube amps for tones and a feel that can only be derived from the glass bottles we call tubes. Players obtain MESA/Boogie amps because they realize that the amps are so tonally versatile and so well built that they can last their entire career. Many players possess a great knowledge about the features of their Boogies but what I’ve found in my travels is that there is quite a lot of confusion about the main participant in the tonal foundation, the tubes.

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Wednesday, July 15 2015
D-28 Marquis vs. D-28 Authentic 1937

This topic was actually requested by a customer who was having some difficulty understanding the difference between the D-28 Marquis and D-28 Authentic 1937. Both of these guitars offer similar woods, construction and features. However, as with all things acoustic guitar, the devil is in the details and it’s only by looking carefully at the specs that you’ll get a full picture.

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Monday, July 13 2015
Martin 00-15E Retro

Martin brought the 00-15M design into the Retro Series.  The 00-15E Retro is the first-ever mahogany-topped Martin to include Fishman Aura electronics!

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Wednesday, July 01 2015
Guitar Road Trip Essentials

With the official start of summer only a few days ago and the Fourth of July fast approaching we are right in the middle of road trip season.  Whether it's to a family BBQ, to the shore, to a music festival or any of a thousand other places, many of us are going to be traveling this summer and there's a good chance your guitar is going to come along for the ride. 

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