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Tuesday, November 26 2019
Martin Neck Shapes

From Our Family to Yours, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

This year, Maury’s Music has much to the thankful about, including the bountiful choices to be had in Martin guitar neck shapes! Each is designed for comfort and ease of playability, no matter what size hands a musician may have. Read more!

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Thursday, November 14 2019
Sakes alive! It's Style 35!

With its unique pedigree and impressive good looks, a guitar made in Style 35 stands out like a thoroughbred stallion from the impressive Martin herd, especially when it’s heard. A rich and robust rosewood voice of exceptional complexity attracts admirers from all styles of music, and with good reason. Read more.

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Wednesday, October 30 2019
Celebrate Halloween with Martin Style 18!

Scary good guitars at shocking good prices!

As the golden October afternoons are spirited away and replaced by the spooky, spine-chilling nights of a dark and blustery November, we are reminded of how the cheerful voice of a Style 18 Martin guitar is as bright, clear, and pretty as a sunny Sunday in Spring Time. It is the perfect musical tonic for the soul this time of year, as the days grow dark, the nights grow long, and the winter blues approach. Read more!

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Thursday, October 17 2019

We are pleased to announce the twelfth annual DORKFest, an extravaganza of music and frivolity near Allentown, PA.  READ MORE!

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Thursday, October 17 2019
Colorado Capo Review!

The extraordinary Colorado Capo is the first capo to solve tuning issues and chord discomfort, permanently. And it is the first capo to effect zero dampening. The secret to its success lies in the engineering. Read more!

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