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Tuesday, May 04 2021
Mahogany vs Rosewood - Which Guitar Tonewood is Better?

Mahogany or Rosewood? The answer is “Yes!” Yes to both. We are now going to explore the marvelous qualities that make mahogany and rosewood the most revered tonewoods used to create world-class acoustic guitars, in this, our May edition of Maury ‘s Music’s A vs. B.

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Tuesday, March 02 2021
The Martin D-28 vs. HD-28

What is the difference between the Martin D-28 and the upgraded version of it, the HD-28? On Monday, February 8, Maury took part in an online symposium dedicated to comparing these most-loved Martin models and how scalloped bracing played a part in their evolution. The panel included Aaron Short who was hosting it on his YouTube channel, Aaron Short Music, and featured our pal Spoon Phillips. Read more!

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Tuesday, March 02 2021
Ovangkol aka

As with most exotic species of wood, Guibourtia ehie has several common names. But in the world of musical instruments it is known as ovangkol. The latest Martin guitars to feature ovangkol are the D-16E Burst and OMC-16E Burst, the all-solid wood wonders that use it for the back and sides, and for their gorgeous tops under a high gloss mahoganyburst finish! And aren’t they pretty?

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Thursday, December 31 2020
2020 Year in Review

To Auld Lang Syne and the Coming New Year!
Our final blog post for 2020 looks back across this most unusual of years to remind all of us how the power of music has brought so many together when they couldn’t even be in the same room. Maury had a wonderful time making music via the internet with so many talented artists. And we have enjoyed experiencing the music of our many friends and customers who have shared their own love of music onYouTube and Facebook and other forms of social media.

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Thursday, December 03 2020
Martin's Standard Series, Reimagined for the Twenty-First Century

Martin’s Standard Series, Reimagined for the Twenty-First Century

In 2018, Martin Guitars released the Reimagined Standard Series, with upgraded features for acoustic guitar models made in Styles 18 and above. This is why you will see (2018) next to the name of a Martin guitar model, e. g. 00-18 (2018) or D-42 (2018.) Extra, extra - read all about it!

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