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Monday, September 25 2023
What Will Happen if Guitar Center Goes Away?

What Will Happen if Guitar Center Goes Away?

CUE 1 – Movie Guy’s Voice: Imagine if you can, a world without Guitar Center… That is a reality that may be coming soon to a community near you.

Since the entire internet-based guitar world has been discussing this topic, Maury wanted to ask Spoon Phillips what he might think of the recent news that Guitar Center’s financial woes may be heading toward a “last straw” situation. And then, of course, he decided to surprise Spoon live via remote interview because it might make a good Martins and More podcast.

It is no secret that GC has been on shaky financial footing for some years, with the COVID shutdown not doing them any favors. But should the latest news about Guitar Center’s latest debt rating forecast doom for the mega-musical instrument dealer, how might that affect musicians across the USA? How might that impact other major companies, both manufacturers and retailers? How might affect the small, mom and pop shop retailers for that matter? And just what might the end of Guitar Center as we know it affect YOU?

Now, Maury and Spoon are not economists (not even close!) And Maury has no intention of allowing listeners to use this podcast as an excuse for bashing Guitar Center or their employees. Maury’s Music very much respects their right to a share of the Martin and Blueridge market, just like all other dealers, no matter how big or small.

But we do find the topic and all the speculation across YouTube and the podcasting universe to be of genuine interest, potentially for anyone remotely interested in acoustic guitars and other musical instruments. And we know that many of our customers and listeners will too.

So, please, if you find this podcast interesting or informative, and would like add your comments in the YouTube version of this podcast, or by writing us at with your comments on this podcast and your suggestions for future podcasts, we ask that you remain respectful of those impacted by this topic and by your fellow listeners.

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