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Customer Corner

Wanna know how we're doing?  Select a month below and start reading.  Maury's Music would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of our customers who took the time to write a review.  We're always striving to do our best!


5/5 - posted March-29-2022

Great sounding and playing guitar (OME Cherry). Very happy I purchased from Maury's Music. Great people, informative website with accurate pictures, and playing examples of most models. Good service before and after purchase, all of which equals a great buying experience. Thanks Maury, Andrew, & Lori.

-Dave B.

5/5 - posted Feb-25-2016

"Although I've been a player for 30+ years, buying a Blueridge Br-160A was a major purchase for me. I went with Maury's because of the superior amount of objective information they provide about their products, the fact that they only sell lines they believe in, and I knew exactly what I was getting before it was shipped.

Oh yeah, the guitar: its a beauty, sounds like a dream and plays like butter- I never imagined I could own an instrument of this quality at this price.

These guys care about what they send out and exemplify integrity in the marketplace. Keep it up and I'll be back when I'm ready for a new baby."

-Robert Ratledge

5/5 - posted Feb-17-2016

"Great service.

My emails were answered rapidly.

I have received my order quickly also and in perfect condition.

+ the prices are really interesting. "


5/5 - posted Jan-23-2015

"I received my new Martin CEO-7 two weeks ago. The guitar was perfectly set-up and despite the trip across the country during the winter, it was just about in tune. I chose to order from Maury's because I trusted that the instrument would be handled with care, and set-up correctly. I also received great pricing and exceptional point-to-point customer service.

Thank you Angelo and Maury for your dedication to a quality buying experience. I appreciate the quick replies to my emails and the time that you spent making sure my new guitar was set-up perfectly. I am looking forward to doing business with you again and wish you the best in the New Year. "


5/5 - posted Nov-15-2014

"Maury's Music is by far the BEST music store that I've ever shopped. They have an awesome, wide selection of items, especially the hard to find items like Martin Saddles, available in a wide variety of materials. They also have bridge pins in materials that are difficult to find. Maury's prices are fantastic and their customer service is unmatched."

-Craig E.--- Cressona, PA

5/5 - posted Nov-10-2014

"I just wanted to take the time out to thank Angelo@ Maury's Music for helping me replace a part for my Martin Guitar.  The staff at Maury's Music go out of their way to please the customer.  All I can say is if you are thinking about buying guitar ,look no further.  You have not only found the best price for that new Guitar but also customer service. Thanks again. Randall"

-Randall Williamson

 5/5 - posted Mar-8-2014

"Maury's customer service is outstanding!  Placed the order on the Blueridge 240-A.
I asked Angelo when I could expect to receive it. He said he would call the supplier and let me know.
He got back with me (I think that day), and let me know it would be on back order for over a month.
Angelo let me know I could cancel the order if I did not want to wait that long.
After all their help with the set up, and all the good reviews I wanted to do business with them. I'm glad I did, and look forward to doing business with them again in the future."


5/5 - posted Feb-27-2014

"I had never heard of Maury's when I started looking to buy a Martin guitar.  I found them by chance when reading reviews online about the guitar I was looking for.  Right away I was impressed with the customization options offered, and the positive reviews about them.  I cancelled my order with Sweetwater and went with Maury's.  They shipped out my guitar the same day, with all of my customization done.  I got the guitar and it was set up perfectly, and my upgrades were done professionally.  No hassle, no long waits.  Just great business done in a professional and timely matter.  If you want a Martin, order from Maury's Music-you'll be glad you did.  I will definitely be doing business with them again.  Thanks Maury!"


5/5 - posted Jan-27-2014

"Had been talking with another dealer about a Blueridge BR-73 who had a great price but I was not comfortable with them.. Very poor communications and just seemed very elusive to me.. I decided to talk with Maury's because I had heard many good comments about him.. It was the best thing that I could do. He met the competerors price and was always there to immediately answer my e-mail questions even though he was on the road. I did call the store prior to ordering and Angelo immediately answered and was great and actually knew what he was talking about...I placed the order and it was here on the third day.. They actually had pictures of the exact guitar that I would be getting and they really gave me the old feeling that the customer was still important... Would I deal with them again???, absolutely, no question about it...They may be a small business but they are certainly big in their customer care.... Hope they continue that way.....Thanks Maury and Angelo"


5/5 - posted Nov-03-2013

"I am fortunate to deal with a nice and trustful dealer like Maury.  I have ordered total 4 guitars from here you know what I am 100% satisfied with my past orders.  I ordered a Martin OMJM, DSS John Sebastian and D-28 Authentic 1941.  All the guitars that I chose to pick were just fantastic.. they sounded like it's aged already but it's new guitars!  I can tell Maury's music give you not only the best price andservice also quality guitars!  I am happy to be back again and get a new toy from here.  Maury's Music deserves 5 stars! "

-S. L.

5/5 - posted Oct-08-2013

"I couldn't find the guitar I wanted at any of the music shops near my home. A good friend of mine told me about a trustworthy online dealer called Maurysmusic. I checked out the website and found the guitar I wanted. To my surprise, Maurysmusic even had options for upgrades (saddles, bridge pins, etc.) and an option for a setup! I have never purchased an expensive guitar online before, so I had many concerns and questions for the Maurymusic staff. They were all very helpful and patient with me. My order shipped to my house quickly and safely, once they were able to set the guitar up. The guitar turned out even nicer than I expected. The staff was able to set up my guitar perfectly, according to my requests. I am extremely thankful for their great service, and will be buying from them again. Maurysmusic is a trustworthy merchant for aspiring musicians."

-Tony V.

5/5 - posted Oct-31-2013

"I contacted Maury's to purchase a new Martin due to Maury's exceptional reviews from past customers in the guitar world. I discussed my purchase and needs with Angelo who was extremely helpful and more than generous with his time. Although I was looking at several different models Angelo helped me make the purchase that was right for me. He forwarded me pictures of different models and overall gave me confidence in selecting and purchasing a D-18 sight unseen. Maury's gave me a great price and the guitar arrived halfway across the country two days later in great condition and sounds beautiful. I highly recommend Maury's."

-David H

5/5 - posted Sep-08-2013

"I have spent the past 3 years building my "Guitar Fund" and have spent countless hours playing a wide variety of different guitars; Gibsons, Taylors, Martins, Breedloves, Seagulls, LAGs...... the long list of quality guitars.  I was looking for a guitar under $2,800.00.  I played dozens of guitars and finally determined that the OM 21 was the Perfect Guitar for me..... when the "Guitar Fund" was flush, I seriously began pricing the best deal.  I didin't find it in my home state of Washington, nor in Oregon, Idaho, California, Texas, New Mexico, Flordia or Wisconsin and I checked them out very thoroughly!!!!  But when I checked with Angelo at Maury's Music.... he was professional in his answers to my questions and gave me the best deal that could be found!  Maybe Angelo wouldn't have been able to do this with every guitar, maybe it was the OM 21, BUT....maybe it was just Maury's way of doing business?  I don't know, but I'll back for more!"


5/5 - posted Sep-08-2013

"Angelo was very informative and helpful in reviewing my choices of buying either a Martin D-16GT, D-15m or DCPA4.  All were in stock and ready to ship.  Since I play many different styles and sounds, my buying choice was the D-16GT.  Maury was quick to reply with the best lowest price and the best safe shipping among all the other dealers, big and small, that I contacted.  I love playing the D-16GT every day and I thank Maury's Music for making me an owner of a Martin guitar."



5/5 - posted Aug-31-2013

I am so pleased with all of my purchases from Maury's. They have the items I want at the price that is always as good as it gets. I have also met Maury a few times away from the store and he has always treated me as an old friend.


5/5 - posted Aug-16-2013



"Angelo was very helpful from Maury Music. I ordered a martin guitar for my husbands birthday and Angelo helped me to workout all the details to get the guitar in a timely manner and without spoiling my husbands surprise. Thanks so much Angelo!"



5/5 - posted Aug-15-2013

"I was very skeptical about ordering a guitar online. I sent several stupid email questions to Maury . He was very prompt on answering my email questions (Thank God he has the patience of Job). The guitar I picked out arrived in less than two day after I ordered it. This guitar was flawless, sounded perfect, and was the best price. You can sure tell Maury has the pick of the litter when it comes to guitars. My closing thought would be if you want top rated Customer Service you will find this at Maury’s."


5/5 - posted Aug-10-2013



"I've ordered a lot from Maury's, always professional, super fast processing and shipping. I wouldn't hesitate to order anything from Maury's; you won't be disappointed. "




5/5 - posted Aug-05-2013

"Great company to do business with! I've bought several things from them and they are always helpful and ready to give advice. Fast shipping."


5/5 - posted Jul-29-2013

"ordered BR70CE guitar @ case received 5 days later. guitar looks great ,plays @ sounds great,I could not find a scratch or blem .Could not be more satisfied.Thanks Maury good job."


5/5 - posted Jul-22-2013


"Maurys Music is what all music dealers should be. does more need to be said? K. Wentz "



5/5 - posted Jul-21-2013

"Maury's always does it right! Thanks!!"


-Alex DeLarge

5/5 - posted Jul-19-2013

"very helpful and polite. Always got back to me when I had a question."


5/5 - posted Jul-18-2013

"Quick delivery. Received merchandise in 2 days."


5/5 - posted Jul-18-2013

"Immediate shipping, quick response to email request for information. Excellent purchasing experience."


5/5 - posted Jul-09-2013

"I mostly dealt with Angelo at Maury's Music. He was very helpful and knowledgable. He answered any and all questions thoroughly and, more importantly, honestly. The first guitar I ordered was backordered. When they finally got one in, Angelo called me and told me that there was an issue with it and they couldn't in good conscience send it to me. We discussed my options and, with Angelo's input, I decided to order a different guitar. I saw pics of the actual guitar on Maury's website before I ordered it. I had Maury install a pickup and when the guitar arrived, I had a small issue with the pickup. I contacted Maury and he addressed the problem immediately and offered me a couple of options as a solution. That's great customer service- before and after the sale!
Before I ordered, I read a lot of rave reviews regarding Maury's Music and Maury himself on some of the guitar forums as well as this site. I see why now. "


5/5 - posted Jun-26-2013

"Easy navigation of site prompt delivery. Very satisfied with Maury's Music "


5/5 - posted Jun-20-2013

"I have been buying guitar accessories from Maury's and recently an HD28. I can only say great things about their service. He was patient enough to answer my questions either by email or phone. I have to say, not only does he have great, low prices but he knows very well what he is selling which is really good for buying an item sight unseen. Even with email correspendence I have gotten response within the day. I will surely keep buying from him. Five star all the way!!!"


5/5 - posted Jun-18-2013

"Maury is great to deal with and delivers what is promised. Price,quality and care. Thanks Maury and staff"


5/5 - posted Jun-17-2013

"Always a pleasure to work with. Orders are promptly processed and communication is primo! When I asked to see pictures of the guitar I was purchasing, Maury immediately sent me several very detailed pictures. This is the way business used to be conducted everywhere!"


5/5 - posted Jun-09-2013

"Ok,I ordered this guitar, knowing that it was not in stock and would have to be ordered by Maury's. this is my first purchase through this shop. I didn't give an exact date in my order and immediately received an email from Maury needing an exact length of time I was willing to wait, worse case. I provided a 45 day max wait time. I ordered this in the evening, Arizona time, it was near 9:00 pm Eastern time. So, communication was an A+++, I had a couple of other email questions during the waiting period and they were promptly answered.

I got a little nervous as my due date was about to arrive and it had not shipped, and I found out I was being transferred in my Job and was concerned the guitar would not make it in time. I sent an email and received a reply from Heather who began to follow up. This was day 43 I believe. Heather and Maury sped into action evan though Martin was complaining of inventory delays. Bottum line is that Maury jumped in his vehicle and picked up my guitar on day 44 and Heather shipped it the same day. It arrived 6 days later and I couldn't be happier. That's customer service!

So my experience was very positive. In fact I had put an interest in to a big box store and was notified that they received 2 of the same guitars in. This notification arrived 2 days after, I received my guitar. Oh and the price was a lot better from Maury's.

Thanks Maury and Heather! You have earned my appreciation and future business."


5/5 - posted Jun-05-2013

"Maury's always has what I'm looking for and always ships quickly. Best of all his has very good prices. I recommend."


5/5 - posted May-31-2013

"Easy (intuitive) navigation through the on-line ordering process. Order showed up on-time, complete, and in good condition. I thought the shipping charges were a bit steep, but other than that, I was completely satisfied. I would have no reservations in ordering from them in the future."


5/5 - posted May-26-3013

"Easy to order. Package delivered quickly."


5/5 - posted May-16-2013

"Beautiful guitar! Exceptionally fast shipping. I'm very happy with my purchase and would do business with Maury again."


5/5 - posted May-13-2013

"Great people to do business with!Customer service is the BEST!
Maury run,s his business like EVERYONE should!
Will use again! "


5/5 - posted May-13-2013

"The new (bone) bridge pins really do make a difference. I only wish I hadn't waited 33 years to replace the original plastic pins. This was my fourth order with MaurysMusic and each time they deliver as promised."


5/5 - posted May-10-2013

"My purchase went on to Fl. for my grandsons graduation. It arrived to me within a couple of days :) and the packaging was superior. Very satisfied. Thanks"


5/5 - posted Apr-30-2013

"Sales people in the store are very helpful, considering I'm not very good with the computer. They walked me through my order until I was satisfied.
I'll recommend Maury's Music Store any time.


5/5 - posted Apr-26-2013

"Outstanding response and quick service. Shipment received prompt and in excellent condition. I highly recommend Maury's Music. "


5/5 - posted Apr-26-2013

"Perfect transaction as always."


5/5 - posted Apr-15-2013

"Excellent product. Fast service. Highly recommended. Very satisfied with overall experience."


5/5 - posted Apr-10-2013

"speedy service,great place to do business with."


5/5 - posted Apr-08-2013

"My first Martin after 45+ years of picking. Late bloomer I suppose....

Super experience! Stunning sunburst HD-28. Even with a custom set up and case upgrade I received it in one day. A week later the house still smells of fresh rosewood! Plays and sounds great. I would not hesitate to do it again. You can't beat Maury's prices or service.

Jim S - DC area"


2/5 - posted Apr-07-2013

"Waited 4 business days to find out the instrument I ordered was not in stock . Disappointed in communication to customer but very much like the price ."

Maury's Response:

“I'm very sorry to disappoint you - we certainly aim to inform our customers more quickly than that ... But you'll see you didn't have to wait at all for this stock status. Our FAQ answers the question:

"Do you have (name of guitar) in stock?"
Please type the name of that guitar into the search bar on our website, located on the left hand side of every page. If it is in stock, it will be clearly labeled "IN STOCK, READY TO SHIP" and we will have actual pictures listed.

All customers using the contact us form are strongly urged to view our FAQ first.
Our J-40 was not listed as "in stock" and showing actual pictures. It was listed as "contact us". I am sorry it took us a couple extra days to reply, but if you were unclear about this stock/backorder status, I hope you can forgive us as our FAQ had that answer, and there was no need to wait any amount of time for a live reply. We do look forward to filling this order for you and no hard feelings.”


5/5 - posted Mar-28-2013

"I found Maury Rutch to be helpful and well-informed about the guitars he sells. The prices and return policy are both very good. "


5/5 - posted Mar-26-2013

"quick,proper service. look forward to doing business with them again."


5/5 - posted Mar-25-2013

"Thanks Maury's. Very excited about the K&K pickups. Really appreicate the customer service and communication. Would buy again from them. Great folks."


5/5 - posted Mar-25-2013

"Asked a technical question via their website about the best DI/preamp for my situation. About a minute later, Maury answered my email! He gave me great advice, shipped my item promptly, then thanked me for my order. The DI box works perfectly with my guitar. Great transaction and service! "

-Louie Louie

5/5 - posted Mar-23-2013

"Fast shipment item exactly as described. Will buy from again."


5/5 - posted Mar-22-2013

"Placed an order, it was shipped the next day, it arrived a day or 2 later. Shipping was free ($99 or more) so it doesn't get much better...."


5/5 - posted Mar-21-2013

"Great personal service. Nice people to work with. "


5/5 - posted Mar-20-2013

"This is the 3rd Martin guitar I've purchcased from Maury and service couldn't have been better. 48 hours from purchasing I had the guitar in my possession and I live in Georgia. That's customer service at it's finest. I would highly recommend Maury's to anyone looking for a nice guitar and accessories. "


5/5 - posted Mar-19-2013

"Awesome to work with and timely delivery"


5/5 - posted Mar-19-2013

"Fast shipping, beautiful guitar and the best prices on Martins. "


5/5 - posted Mar-15-2013

"fast shipping, quality item, great price, thanks"


5/5 - posted Mar-07-2013

"Great people and Great service from Maurys!"


5/5 - posted Mar-05-2013

"fast shipping and good quality! I really like it! thanks"


5/5 - posted Mar-04-2013

"I'm impress with Maurys music service they have low prices and quality products."


1/5 - posted Mar-04-2013

"Good prices, BUT if they don'thave it in stock you could wait a VERY long time. Despite what Maurys website says, he doesn't just go to the Martin factory and get your guitar...he is over 3 hours from the factory.

Maury's Response:
“Rich, I'm sorry to see you're giving us 1 star here. I'm very saddened to see this relationship go sour so fast. You had nothing but great things to say about us in past emails and in-person. During your visit to our shop, Heather and I enjoyed your company and you seemed excited to play our Martins and have your little Jimmy Buffet LXM evaluated. The long wait time you're mentioning here was out of our hands, and I can find & quote several emails between you and I (and Heather) that reveal a good healthy exchange between the 3 of us, always keeping you in the loop. When you got tired of waiting for the 00-18V, we offered to WAIVE our cancelation fee so long as you order and keep a similar in-stock Martin instead. You agreed, and chose our in-stock 0-28VS which we shipped promptly. Only after your tried to return the 0-28VS and we held you responsible for the original cancelation fee (our policy that you agreed to) did everything go south. Now that we won't eat that cancelation fee, you're here with a 1/5 stars and complaining of poor customer service. I take that personally and it is not fair to ALL our other customers. Good customer service means taking good care of every single one. Had we secretly allowed you to be above our policies you might not have written this bad review but that would be unfair to all our other great customers who understand, agree to and abide by our policies. Also, Martin's distribution center is located at 1100 Conroy place, Easton, PA. You'll remember our store is at 114 E Phillips St, Coaldale, PA. You can ask Martin to verify that I do go there twice a week, and you can use Google Maps (or similar) to see that my travel time is just over an hour, and not nearly 3.”


1/5 - posted Feb-28-2013

"this guy wouldn't reply to my emails regarding my present order and i think it has to do with my previous experience with his store. i was disappointed with a previous purchase from him before. i bought a martin d42 and he failed to inspect that the bridge is missing two abalone flakes. a week after that i had problems with the pick up, that i ended up fixing on my own, thanks to lr baggs for helping me out."

Maury's Response:
“Alex, I'm very sorry to have given you reason to be upset. You'll remember I responded to dozens and dozens of your emails every other time you've reached out so I'm sad to see 1 star and this bad review. Lori and I are on vacation from 2/26 till 3/7 with very limited Internet access. This vacation disclaimer is posted on our website "contact us" page but I forgot to attach it to my alternate email autoresponder. Please forgive me. I did reply to your recent questions from vacation yesterday 2/28, and that reply must have crossed this negative review. Please accept our apologies and I sincerely hope the misunderstanding can be resolved with a positive outcome.”


5/5 - posted Feb-25-2013

"Incredibly fast service. I received my guitar within 3 days from when I placed the order! And what a wonderful guitar! I could not be more pleased!"


5/5 - posted Feb-25-2013

"I am extremely surprised at how well Maury was able to make sense of my ramblings and find the perfect guitar for me. I will be telling any and everyone that Maury's is the way to go if you are looking for real answers to your Martin guitar buying questions."


5/5 - posted Feb-22-2013

"Great price. Quick delivery and e-mail response."


5/5 - posted Feb-22-2013

"Best prices & best service. Received my Martin 000-28EC Eric Clapton today from Maury's. My entire experience purchasing this guitar was fantastic. I had lots of questions via email and they were always very prompt in answering them and extremely helpful. Maury's will be my go-to shop for guitars and accessories in the future."


5/5 - posted Feb-20-2013

"I`ve ordered from Maury on more than one occasion ,everything is always just as advertised.I`ll be back"


5/5 - posted Feb-18-2013

"WOW. Just WOW. After losing part of my right hand and a couple fingers in a shooting accident, I was forced to sell most of my old guitars to survive without working for a few months. I was forced to sell my 1970 D-28 and my 94 Guild D-55. I resigned myself to never being able to play again after over 50 years of picking.

As I healed, I started plucking around on an old beater I kept around and began to see some hope. I had done business with Maury's in the past and always felt satisfied that I got wonderful service and great prices. I wrote to Maury asking about several different models of Martins and he helped me to decide on the D-17 M. I ordered it late on a Thursday night and it showed up at my door Monday afternoon on President's Day.

Wow, Just WOW! The setup was perfect, it was beautiful, and even pretty well in tune. I hit a chord and was floored by the sound, clarity, and power. I think I_ have found the replacement for my old D-28 that should last me well for the second phase of my life, as my D-28 did for 43 years.

THANKS, to Maury's Music. Great deal, great service, great interaction and a great guitar. I expected nothing less based on prior experience there.

Mike in Columbus Ohio"


5/5 - posted Feb-13-2013

"Maury's Music is a great place to shop. The items are shipped very fast and promp. Maury will reply promply to any question you may have about your order. My items were shipped the same day I ordered them, and arrived at my residence two or three days after shipping. I highly recommend shopping at Maury's Music if you want great customer service along with great products.
Thanks a lot,


5/5 - posted Feb-05-2013

"prompt service, good price, and good product. There was a problem with the wiring on the fishman preamp box. I e-mailed Muary and He answered right back telling Me how to solve it."


5/5 - posted Jan-25-2013

"I had read many great things about Maury's Music through several guitar blogs and message boards I follow, so I came in with very high expectations. I'm happy to say that those expectations were not only met, but easily surpassed. Every last bit of content on Maury's website is designed to help you through the uneasiness of purchasing a premiere guitar online. From the videos, pictures, specs, string suggestions and the carefully detailed opinions from Maury himself; this place had me feeling very confident I made the right choice (and I did, my OM-28e is incredible). Thanks for dealing with my trivial questions, Maury. I will be a returning customer when the time comes again. "


5/5 - posted Jan-20-2013

"Awesome. Ordered Martin HD-28 on a Sunday afternoon. Shipped the next day (Monday) AM and received UPS Tuesday PM. Both the instrument and the upgraded case was in perfect condition. Price was best available anywhere. Would purchase again from Maury's in a heartbeat. "

-Martin addict

5/5 - posted Jan-17-2013

"Great experience and courteous staff."


5/5 - posted Jan-11-2013

"It was shipped within an hour of placing the online order, and arrived TWO days later - fantastic service!"


5/5 - posted Jan-09-2013

"The guitar was shipped the same day as ordered and arrived two days later. The guitar was received in perfect codition and sounds awesome."


5/5 - posted Jan-06-2013

"Great service. Great price. I couldn't be happier."


5/5 - posted Jan-06-2013

"I just ordered a Blueridge guitar from Maury. The quality and price are wonderful. This is the second guitar that I've ordered from them. The other was a Martin D28. Maury shipped it exactly when he said he would. UPS screwed up a little by not sending me any tracking info but that wasn't Maury's fault. I absolutely love both guitars that I have bought from Maury and will buy more as my guitar acquisition syndrome progresses. Thanks Maury, I'll be back. Steve"


5/5 - posted Jan-06-2013

"The service is second to none. Maury understands what a customer is. He is truly an advocate for service and satisfaction. You can be sure that I will order from him when I need anything he sells. "


5/5 - posted Jan-04-2013

"Thank you.....seems to be a good product."


5/5 - posted Jan-02-2013

"Best price by far after much research. Painless order process, and shipped well packed and secure. Item purchased was the item in online photos so I knew exactly what to expect. Action, setup, finish etc good, and the guitar had clearly been prepped for sale, not just forwarded in manufacturer's packaging. An absolute pleasure to do business with and my first stop for future needs"


5/5 - posted Jan-02-2013

"I ordered a Baggs M80 pickup, got a great price, and got fast free shipping to boot. Maury's Music has always offered me great customer service and has some of the best online prices around. I will gladly shop here again!! Tony, Brooklyn, NY"


5/5 - posted Dec-29-2012

"Thank you so much MaurysMusic! I am very, very, pleased with my Martin D-41! I had some misgivings about ordering such an expensive guitar online v.s. going to a local guitar shop; but my experience with Maury's was great. They were very attentive to my emails/questions... and promptly shipped out my guitar as soon as it arrived from Martin. I've wanted a D-41 since i was 12 yrs old - i'm now in my 50's... Maury's pricing finally put this guitar within my reach! I probably would not have been able to go thru with a purchase at the $$ the stores are asking. Big thanks to Maury's for making this kids dream come true! I'll be back again some day - happy strumming amigos!"


5/5 - posted Dec-28-2012

"I've been thinking about buying a Martin for yrs. Maurys price was exceptional to other distributors. Guitar came when promised - within 2 days, no issues, opened it up and started playing. Absolutely no issues. A very positive experience.I would recommend with no hesitation from my past experience. Thanks!"


5/5 - posted Dec-25-2012

"Received my Blueridge BR 341 yesterday on Xmas eve -- merry christmas to me! and everything was exactly as promised! It shipped when Maury said it would, with no delays and in perfect condition, set up as I had requested. Maury was EXTREMELY prompt in replying to my one email. You might find a slightly better price but I doubt it, as I did a lot of research before I ordered. And when you factor in the $135 case he threw in for $45, I could find no better deal. Very professional and great to work with."


5/5 - posted Dec-24-2012

"I must say very promp on delivery I was surprized right on the date...Have not used the bone bridge pins as yet but they are just the ones that I wanted. Thanks so much would recommend you to all."


5/5 - posted Dec-24-2012

"I was hesitant about buying a guitar over Internet. I felt it needed to be a hands on experience. I had found the guitar I wanted in town but having seen Maury's Music mentioned in several forums, I requested a price and was glad that I did. Not only was his price fantastic but his customer service was outstanding. I ordered the guitar Monday afternoon and it was delivered to my door on Wednesday afternoon, and that was with a custom set up by Maury's. I am very pleased."


4/5 - posted Dec-23-2012

"Dealing with Maury was great but dealing with UPS was not. My package was not delivered on time, due to weather per UPS, but they can't even give me a rescheduled delivery date. There goes my Christmas present to myself. "


5/5 - posted Dec-19-2012

"First time customer and I couldn't be happier. My order was processed at the speed of light, with excellent communication and very fast delivery. I received my merchandise the very next day. It was shipped in a protective hard-shell carton and arrived in perfect condition. It doesn't get any better than that. I will definitely do business with Maury's Music again. Five stars. "

-Jim Schilling

5/5 - posted Dec-12-2012

" has the absolute lowest prices on Martin Guitars and will always go the extra distance for customer satisfaction. You can't beat them, they're the very best!"


5/5 - posted Dec-11-2012

"Easy ordering process, especially for returning patrons. Order was processed, shipped and delivered promptly. Can't expect any better performance for Internet shopping. "


5/5 - posted Dec-06-2012

"yes i got my items that i ordered earlier than i expected and am happy and satisfied.Thanks Maury!"


5/5 - posted Dec-04-2012

"I'm so pleased with my new Martin GPCPA1 Plus. The price was great and they orded my guitar and was dilivered in no time. I will tell all my musician friends about the excellent service. Thank You! Lonnie Miller"


5/5 - posted Dec-04-2012

"Mdse. quality as described. Delivered on time. No problems, no need to contact customer service."


5/5 - posted Dec-04-2012

"I have purchased seven or eight guitars from Maury over the past ten years. I have always been very satisified with the guitars and the service."


5/5 - posted Dec-01-2012

"Another GREAT experience from Maury! My D18 Authentic came in quickly and in EXCELLENT condition. Everything about Maury has been excellent. He does wonderful setups and the customer service is amazing. This is my second major guitar purchase from Maury and I will be making my 3rd soon! "


5/5 - posted Nov-28-2012

"I initially had reservations of ordering sight unseen or online, especially with a sizable investment. But once my Martin 000-42 was received all my fears were relieved. Maurys did a fantastic job, their response time to my orders were beyond reproach. I most strongly recommend this merchant to others."


5/5 - posted Nov-17-2012

" is all business ,very attentive and responses quickly to inquires. E-mails were responded to with in minutes with straight forward no nonsense answers and comments though polite... which expedited the transaction. The product arrived quickly... shipping box was in good shape...and its contents were as described ... condition of product was as the manufacturer intended it to be. I could not ask for a better business relationship."


5/5 - posted Nov-15-2012

"Just purchased a new Martin HD28. I researched the Internet thoroughly and found the best price at Maury's Music. I paid 41 percent off of the MSRP. The next best price was 23 percent off. Maury's Music was the only merchant who offered dealer installed options, such as adding a pickup, strap button, sun bursts and upgrades such as saddle, bridge and setup options.

I ordered a strap button. According to the UPS tracking advice online the guitar was shipped just three hours after I placed the order. Remarkable! Prior to my purchase I asked. Few questions by email and they were answered with a few hours.

I am very impressed by Maury's Music and highly recommend them if anyone is interested in a Martin guitar."


5/5 - posted Nov-14-2012

"Excellent service, rock bottom pricing, fast delivery, instrument exact as described on website."


5/5 - posted Nov-08-2012

"I would like to thank Maury's Music for the profesionalism and speedy delivery of my new Martin Guitar even though the east coast went through a horrable storm they were able to deliver.
Thank you so much and I hope your area gets back to normal soon.
Best Regards
Richard Karls"


5/5 - posted Oct-30-2012

"I asked Maury to pick the Martin HD-28 with a pretty top: he delivered! It's a beauty! And also had the best price I could find on the internet. I live in a small town without access to any music supply stores with a large inventory. I feel like Maury did a good job of taking care of me."


5/5 - posted Oct-24-2012

"Great place to do business. The prices were excellent on both my new
D-28 as well as accessories. Shipping is prompt, everything delivered without damage. For small items they try to find the most cost effective way to ship."


5/5 - posted Oct-18-2012

"Experience with Maury's has always been good -- in this case, they won't be shipping the instrument for another 6 weeks due to Martin availability..."


5/5 - posted Oct-17-2012

"It was a pleasure dealing with Maury's Music. I had questions and they were answered promptly. I ordered a Martin guitar. Super-fast shipping, accurate tracking, and a perfect guitar. I am nothing, but pleased, and highly recommend Maury's Music. Price was the best around too."


5/5 - posted Oct-14-2012

" is my one of my favorite websites to shop on for all my acoustic guitar needs.i found the webpage easy to navigate and the selection of items to purchase is fantastic,that is why it is the first listing in my favorites.
all of my orders were shipped and delivered just as they said would be.i highly recommend maurys to all my guitar friends"


5/5 - posted Oct-12-2012

"Fine. I also bought a guitar from them a while back and received great service."


5/5 - posted Oct-10-2012

"Excellent customer service, awesome product, and quick shipment! Maury and Heather were both easy to deal with and very pleasant while answering any questions I had. Although I was quite hesitant to purchase such an expensive guitar (Martin Hd28) without trying it out first-hand, they put me at ease with timely, detail-oriented responses. I would order again without hesitation. I love my new Martin! Thanks....Timm M. Smiths, Alabama"


5/5 - posted Oct-03-2012

"Could use a little better communication about shipping, but no big deal. Response to emails was fast, polite, and helpful. Product arrived in excellent condition, as described, best price I found anywhere. Recommended. "


5/5 - posted Sep-24-2012

"I've purchased items from Maury ranging from high end guitars to strings and have never been disappointed. Delivery is always timely, customer service is excellent. Actually talk to a human being. I frequently recommend Maurys Music to friends."


5/5 - posted Sep-14-2012

"My item is back ordered, but Maury personally contacted me to find out if I wanted to wait, which I did.
Everything Maury's does is great except one - and it's probably not his fault. I would like to be able to send it to my work address but he can't. The last guitar I got UPS finally showed up at around 8 PM and just dumped it on the porch. I don't like the idea of my $4,000 guitar just being left on the porch where anybody can get it.
But I will always do business with Maury. I just take the day off from work so I can be here when it arrives."


5/5 - posted Sep-10-2012

"I purchased a Martin HD28-MP from Maury's Music. I found doing business with Maury's a pleasurable experience. I highly recommend Maury's Music and plan to do more business with them. It was very nice to have personal care from Maury, inspecting the product before shipping. "


5/5 - posted Sep-06-2012

"I am a very satisfied customer of Maurys Music. Same day shipping, friendly staff, very helpful. I am a perfectionist and found a slight flaw with my guitar case and they shipped me another one the same day I called. I will definitely buy from them again and will recommend them to my friends. Great pricing, fast shipping, great customer service.....what else could you ask far."


5/5 - posted Sep-02-2012

"Their service and products are always great"


5/5 - posted Aug-29-2012

"Maury's Music was a great place to shop and buy. Very fast service and I received the guitar on schedule. I ordered the Blueridge BR-160A and it is a very nice guitar.

About the Guitar:
I've owned nothing but Martin guitar's for 36 years and so my expectations were very high after reading all the very positive comments on the website about Blueridge guitars and how they can be compared to the Martin sound. I bought this guitar because my Martin needs a neck reset and has become a little difficult to play. However, my Martin trained (and biased) ears can certainly tell that this isn't a Martin. Compared to my D-28, the sound is different, not as full and rich or balanced. There is just something about the sound of a Martin that can't be beat. Hopefully with time the sound will improve.

I must say that at first I was slightly disheartened with the Blueridge because there is quite a bit of string buzz up and down the fretboard. I truly didn't expect this.

The next day I restrung the guitar with a new set of Martin Bluegrass Medium gauge Phospher Bronze strings and 95% of the Fret/String Buzz was cured. Now I'm only getting a slight buzz out of the G string. The sound of the guitar is also much improved and the action is still pretty good (3/32) at the 12th fret. I must say that I'm now very happy with my purchase."


Maury's Response:

“Thanks for your honest review Mudman. I appreciate your points but want to say that I indeed did tune this to pitch and test it. I found the action to be what I call medium-low with proper neck relief. I do hope you can appreciate my position; had I raised the action, I had just as much a chance for you to write this review citing "uncomfortable and high". I'm sorry we didn't speak about your wishes beforehand and perhaps we can chalk this up to an honest miscommunication.

May I offer you a $60 gift card to offset a setup by your local tech?

Best of luck & thanks for your business.”

2/5 - posted Aug-24-2012

"The person I spoke was great, the order went out promptly and the price was good. Thanks for that.

This Martin Baritone has finish flaws on the sound board and the battery holder was not attached to the inside of the body leaving it to flop around. Also, the set up is frankly not even close with a sting height at the 15th fret of 1/4". Martin should do a much better job of QC if they expect to gain some customer loyalty.

I'm not necessarily unhappy with Maury's as I think these are Martin QC problems.

I don't have time for a return as I need this instrument for a film I'm scoring and it does sound really good. This is why, despite the issues mentioned, I'm keeping it. After I have it worked on it should turn out to be a terrific instrument."


Maury's Response:

“Dear Composer, I've sent emails to you through reseller ratings,, my personal Gmail account and your website email. I'll have to reply here as we've received no response. I'm very sorry about the battery holder coming loose in shipment... this can be a problem in the summer with cross-country shipping. I will be sending you a replacement battery pouch. I have to respectfully disagree with you on the other points as I found no finish flaws during my inspection, and the guitar setup was within Martin's tolerances. Please understand, a baritone does need higher action than a standard scale 6-string. We delivered this with "factory setup (no adjustments)" as you asked.

I also remember working closely with you and Heather on this order, and we had this boxed and ready to ship less than 3 minutes after your website order came through- so you would receive it on time. I'm disappointed to have earned 2 stars in this situation. I hope we can do better for you in the future. Please let me know your thoughts, as your satisfaction is important to us.

Maury Rutch - President, Maury's Music”

5/5 - posted Aug-23-2012

"After several phone conversations and emails I was able to get my daughters 16th birthday present on time. Thumbs up to Maury and staff…a great place to do business!"


5/5 - posted Aug-19-2012

"Maury's, as always, meets the criteria for a great seller.
1. The item I wanted was easy to find on his site.
2. It was in stock.
3. Pricing was competitive.
4. The order was easy to place.
5. Communication regarding the order confirmation was prompt.
6. Shipping was free ,prompt, and delivery date was communicated.
7. The correct item arrived safely and on time.

Thanks for another great transaction.

Doug Fesler"


5/5 - posted Aug-18-2012

Received Martin guitar strings. All is well!!!"


5/5 - posted Aug-18-2012

"Excellent. Maury's had exactly what I needed at a very fair price and sent it promptly."


5/5 - posted Aug-16-2012

"when I forgot something on my order and ordered again, they spotted it and combined the orders, saving me the extra shipping"


5/5 - posted Aug-14-2012

"Great dealer. Item was exactly as described. It arrived within 3 days. Very quick service.

Thanks, Maury!"


5/5 - posted Aug-11-2012

"It is always been a pleasure to do business with Maurys.
They are quick, correct, and efficient.
Items arrive well packed, in short time, and are always great quality products.
The website answers most any question you need so you are well informed on your needs.
Thanks Maury!"


5/5 - posted Aug-03-2012

" This is my second order through Maurys Music and It won't be my last. He's a small business owner who takes care of his customers."


5/5 - posted Aug-01-2012

"Product was exactly what I was hoping it was from the reviews I had read.

The shipping was unbelievably fast. I ordered on a Wednesday and received it on a Friday...and I live clear across the country in Arizona.

Maury's is definitely bookmarked as one of my top most preferred places to shop. I'll look here to see if you guys have what I'm looking for before looking elsewhere.



5/5 - posted Jul-28-2012

"In stock, shipped promptly, exactly what I ordered, and delivered ahead of anticipated date! Nice job, will be a repeat customer!"


5/5 - posted Jul-18-2012

"Maury's Music treated me exceptionally well. They returned my phone call, answered my questions via email promptly, and their service and products are superb! Their web site alone has a wealth of information... more than I can say for other "professional" music store web sites. Thank you, Maury... I love my new guitar!"


5/5 - posted Jul-11-2012

I recently bought a new Martin from Maury and had a wonderful experience. Maury and Heather are two of the nicest people you'd want to meet, and Maury has one objective - your satisfaction.

I drove 2 1/2 hours out to Maury's shop, and was greeted with a big smile and warm welcome. The guitar I was interested in was out and ready for me to test. Maury seemed willing to spend as much time as it took to make sure I was getting the right guitar, and that it ultimately be set up the way I wanted it. I had it shipped and when it arrived it was set up just exactly right.

You could never go wrong with Maury, and when you add in the amazingly low prices it all adds up to a wonderful buying experience. Thanks so much Maury!"


5/5 - posted Jun-29-2012

"I ordered a Martin D-12/28 with a K&K pickup. Price was the best and pickup installation was perfect. Excellent products, price, service & workmanship. Absolutely the best. :-)

Tom Dunham"


5/5 - posted Jun-27-2012

"Really pleased with the guitar except country of mfg. UPS tracking needs some work but hey, it may be just me. i'm looking forward to do business with you again. Dan. "


5/5 - posted Jun-27-2012

"Maury's was super. GREAT prices and Maury did a great job communicating. I bought a guitar and some other things and couldn't be more happy. Would do business again for sure."


5/5 - posted Jun-27-2012

"I met Maury many years ago at a UMGF get together at the Martin factory. I've since bought a guitar and some small accessories from him via the internet. Nice guy who really knows his business, and has great prices. Whether you are a walk-in customer or live across the country, he will treat you right.
South Carolina"


5/5 - posted Jun-20-2012

"Hello Maury! Just wanted to send you a qiuck e-mail about the D-28 Marquis that I bought from you. I very happy with the guitar and I love the top.I can feel the whole guitar resonate throught my whole body including the neck. It is a really balanced guitar. This guitar responds very well even with the lightest touch. So, I guess I won't be sending it back. Thank for the fast and great service that I recevied from you. Again, you have a great return policy and pricing for guy's like me who by over the internet


5/5 - posted Jun-19-2012

"Excellent! I phoned with a few questions about a Martin guitar. All were answered. I placed my order online requesting a specific serial number and it was delivered to my home in less than 24 hours. Ok, I live in NJ, a neighboring state but they shipped it out right away. I've had the guitar for a week now and it's a wonderful instrument. No problems."


5/5 - posted Jun-15-2012

"Wow !!!. I had a great experience with Maury & Heather from Maury's music.
First of all,you couldn't meet two nicer people if you tried and secondly,the prices and guitars are second to none. I've purchased a ton of guitars in my life and I was extremely impressed with what was sent to me. maury is a guitar player and he plays the guitars before he buys them. This means a lot if your trusting someone with a big purchase.

I can't say enough about how pleased i am with maury's and I'm already thinking about what guitar to get next. You can trust this company and you will be very happy that you did business with them. Great people !!!

Brian (New Jersey)"


Maury's Response:

“Thank you SO much Brian - we're so glad you're happy. It was great to meet you. One correction though... I don't play the guitars *before* I buy them. I pick them up at Martin, bring them back to the shop and then play & test them. Any guitar that needs fixing or replacement goes right back to Martin. Thanks again & I hope you don't mind my correction.


5/5 - posted Jun-13-2012

"Great selection, great prices, great customer service, quick shipping. It doesn't get any better than that."


5/5 - posted Jun-08-2012

"Excellant service and fast shipping. Top of the line products and information."


5/5 - posted May-28-2012

"Excellent service! Maury always tries to please."


5/5 - posted May-28-2012

"110% All companies should be this easy to deal with. Perfect communication, and lightning fast shipping, thank you.

Frank Mutolo"


5/5 - posted May-26-2012

"I began my quest for a new Martin guitar a couple of months ago. Maury answered my emails quickly and offered great advice. I ordered an HD28V with a K&K mini pickup and mammoth ivory bridge pins on a Saturday night. The guitar was shipped on Monday and it arrived the following Monday. I didn't do much price shopping because I was told that Maury had the best prices. Even with the upgrades the price was still several hundred dollars less than Guitar Center's shelf price."


5/5 - posted May-22-2012

"price was great. ordering was easy. mistake was made on first order, but it was mine."


5/5 - posted May-22-2012

"I could not be more satified with my experience and purchase. From the moment I walked in the srore and was greeted to being walked through (and 100% Helped)understand the differences with the Acoustic Guitar. I was buying for my Godson, who is a big fan of the Electric Guitar and wants to now learn the Acoustic. I would Highly recommend Maurys Music to anyone, from Professionals to newly interested musicians. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!"


5/5 - posted May-20-2012

"Maury, has always been on time no issues with the service at all. I have found the Music Store that I will be dealing with the rest of my life."


5/5 - posted May-13-2012

"I've ordered many times from Maury's, everything from strings to a guitar. My items are always delivered quickly. "


5/5 - posted Apr-27-2012

"I am really happy with my shopping experience with Maury's Music. I was really please with the quick turnaround. It doesn't get better than same day shipping. The guitar arrived in impeccable condition and I haven't put it down since it got here. I asked him to give it his stamp of approval and he did not disappoint. Maury was helpful every step of the way, even when I had some issues on my end with my bank. I will be recommending Maury's Music to anyone who wants a quality instrument and the best price around. Thanks Maury!"


5/5 - posted Apr-26-2012

"I purchased a Martin HD-28 from Maury's Music. Maury is very knowledgeable about the products he sells and provided a great recommendation for a pickup in my guitar. The guitar I received is absolutely perfect. Beautiful in finish and it plays and sounds amazing. The pickup and strap pin install were very clean. The order was processed and shipped very quickly. Maury's price could not be matched by any other retailers I contacted. Based on the experience I had, I trust Maury to provide only top quality instruments, equipment, and service. I will definately do business at Maury's Music again in the future. "


5/5 - posted Apr-18-2012

"My buying experience with Maury could not have gone better. I first contact Maury asking for help selecting between models; Martin HD-28 vs HD-28MP. He correctly steered me in the direction of the MP because of the Maddy Rosewood sound quality and the improved neck. Once I choose the model and decided to have bone pins installed he gave me the best price available anywhere (and I spent a day searching). One day following my order he shipped the guitar and it arrived in a few day in perfect condition (w/no additional shipping chg.)WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR? I would give them 10 stars if I could. Note of advise... if you order a similar instrument, have Maury set up the action for you. I didn't, but wish I had... factory settings are decent, but much room for improvement. "


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