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Sunday, May 22 2016
14-day Trial Period

Maury's Music gives you 14 days to evaluate your new guitar.  Some other stores only give you 2-3 days, and that's not nearly enough time.  When shopping for your next guitar, don't just compare prices - compare policies, too.

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Wednesday, May 18 2016
Mesa Boogie Rectifier Series

We honestly feel that Boogies are the Martin Guitars of tube amps. One of the most popular series is the fabled Rectifier series of handmade amplifiers from Petaluma, California. 

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Thursday, May 05 2016
Reverend Dub King vs Mercalli 4

This week we turn up and make the walls shake when we take a look at two Reverend bass guitars.

"Hollow body guitars are something of a hybrid between an solid body electric and a 6 string acoustic. Like a solid body guitar, hollows start out with a solid block of wood for the body. However, rather than a minimal amount of cavities being routed for the electronics, on a hollow body the luthier routes more cavities in the guitar, essentially deleting as much wood as possibly without significantly compromising the structural integrity of the instrument. Once the guitar is “hollowed out” a thin veneer of wood is placed over the top of the guitar to cover the routed cavities and create little air chambers throughout the body of the instrument."

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