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Thursday, September 07 2023
Reason #7 to Own a Blueridge

Reason #7 for owning a Blueridge guitar – Awesome softshell cases! Blueridge guitars come in some of the most beloved cases available today, which you may now order separately for guitars you already own!

ProTour BV-1012 Deluxe
Full-size Blueridge guitars in the Historic and Prewar Series come in a flight-worthy ProTour BV-1012 Deluxe softshell case. It looks like fine figured leather that will garner plenty of compliments and envy.

You need not tell them it is actually NuHyde faux leather! It is scuff-resistant and weather-resistant, so you will never have to worry about being caught out in the elements. The generous 3cm interior padding provides extra multi-strata foam cushioning with a lining so soft you’ll wish you were small enough to bed down in it. And don’t be surprised if your family pets do exactly that if you forget to close it while your guitar is in use!

BV-1002 Pro Tour Standard
Full-size Blueridge guitars in the Contemporary Series come with the BV-1002 Pro Tour Standard gig bag. It has lovely Golden Brown scratch & water resistant luggage-grade nylon on the outside that looks like tanned leather and 2.5cm “Multi-Strata Foam Technology” on the inside for progressive shock absorbing.

Both the Pro Tour Standard and Pro Tour Deluxe versions have tough and sturdy zippers that help lock in vital humidity during dry winter months. The same high-quality zippers are also used on the storage compartments.

But where the ProTour BV-1002 Standard has one exterior storage compartment on the back of the case, tucked up behind the headstock area, the ProTour BV-1012 Deluxe has two external storage compartments on the front of the case. The larger one can fit multiple songbooks, straps, etc., while the smaller one is ideal for tuners, capos, string-winders, or an effects pedal. It’s even deep enough to hold a beverage can or small water bottle. In addition to the main padded handle, the smaller accessories pouch doubles as a second handle! Both versions come with interior string/tuning peg protection panels & rubber exterior end-pin bumpers.

Comfort on the Go
In addition to all these features, Blueridge cases come with dual shoulder straps that are some of the most comfortable ergonomic straps available anywhere. You’ll be so happy to have them on those long treks across the park, beach, campground, or urban landscape. But don’t forget about those expansive airport terminals! These Blueridge softshell cases will be accepted onboard most commercial flights, where hardshell cases are no longer welcome.

Don’t forget to reach out to Maury about our easy upgrade options when you contact us to purchase your new Blueridge guitar. We would be happy to upgrade your BV-1002 Pro Tour Standard case to a ProTour BV-1012 Deluxe case.

For those who prefer the added security of hardshell cases, we offer great prices on those as well. You may upgrade your Blueridge case from the gig bag to a hardshell case or buy a hardshell case separately for extensive traveling and long-term storage, while keeping the awesome faux leather softshell case for local gigs.

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