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Planet Waves Guitar Humidifier w/ HTS - Rate and Review

Rate the Planet Waves Guitar Humidifier w/ HTS
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Planet Waves Humidifier w/ Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Name:  Dirk Lanchester
Date:  1-11-08
Review:  Planet Wave Humidity-Temperature Sensor
Rating:  3 - Good product give it a try

Likes:  Well-made & it seems to work so far.  No associated problems as in the past.

Dislikes:  Having to add another accessory item to ensure the protection of my instrument.

Additional Comments:  I used to use a damp sponge enclosed in a plastic bag until a mishap occured.  After loaning my D-41 along with dehumidifying instructions to friend who was touring in AZ.  I received my guitar back about 8 months later & the lining of the case was badly mildewed.  The guitar smelled like rancid pot & had developed a fungus-like growth along the interior braces.  After contacting my now ex-friend who informed me that he had used wet sponges minus the plastic bags to ensure proper humidity, I had to have the guitar repaired which included the re-gluing of various parts, a neck reset, fungicide treatment and case replacement.  For some reason, the guitar never sounded quite the same.  It had taken on a dull, muffled tone somewhat uncharacteristic of when I first bought it.  Live & learn.
Planet Waves Guitar Humidifier with Humidity and Temperature Sensor
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