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Customers helping customers : Guitar Purchases : BR-371
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Posted: 19 November 2015 - 08:43 AM
Let's state the particulars first... Just received a BR-371 from Maury. Had an issue with the order/shipping portion of this transaction, nothing huge but an issue. Had a couple issues with the guitar when I received it, again nothing major. The guitar is very, very good looking. It sounds incredible and is everything I read it is.

Bottom line.... Maury stepped out front on the order/shipping issue and got it resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. As far as the issues with the guitar itself. I resolved one myself and the other, well I can see where it got missed in inspection. There is very narrow circumstance where it can seen and it is not worth worrying about. My concern was more the "warning" doc that comes with the guitar and my position if I wanted to return it..... I am no longer concerned.

It was fairly late, well past business hours when I emailed Maury with the 2 issues with the guitar itself. I expected to hear from him in the AM. I received a response from him within a few minutes. Again he was out front, we talked, all is cool.

The important question.... Would I buy/do biz with Maury again? Yes, without a second thought. Stuff happens. Customer service is automatic when all goes well, how does the business respond when there is a hiccup? Maury was upfront and responded to each inquiry/comment. That's all you can ask when things go a bit sideways. Ordering a guitar sight unseen is scary stuff, Maury's response to this transaction made it much more comfortable. Thanks Maury.....

Randy Sparrow
Posted: 19 November 2015 - 07:01 PM
Thank you Randy, for your understanding. You're very kind to come here with such kind words. It was my pleasure to connect you with a great Blueridge and we appreciate your willingness to keep us on the list when you're ready for your next purchase!
Customers helping customers : Guitar Purchases : BR-371

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