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Customers helping customers : Guitar Purchases : D28 w/ K&K Pure Mini Pickup
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D28 w/ K&K Pure Mini Pickup

David Henderson
Posted: 06 February 2013 - 11:15 PM
First let me say that my interactions with Maury and Heather were absolutely great!

As many of the folks here have said, I was also very apprehensive about buying an expensive guitar online without playing it. The glowing reviews here helped me make my decision. But there was so much more that made this a very positive experience.

I was looking for another Martin to complement my 1967 D18, and have wanted a D28 for many years. I also wanted to have a pickup, but I really didn't want anything that would be destructive to the guitar. I saw a brand new D28 with a K&K Pure Mini pickup on Maury's site and thought I might have found the answer. But the price was a good bit more than my limit.

I emailed Maury and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. a much, MUCH better price than advertised (as he explains in the website referring to guitars being priced at MAP) that was even better than a price I had gotten for a floor/display model at another site.

I still had reservations. I read about the 10 point inspection that Maury applies to each Martin guitar. So I called him. He promptly returned my call and discussed not just a D28, but this particular D28, and told me of the K&K pickup and his opinion of its sound. Before my purchase was complete, I spoke with him or Heather several times. They were patient, helpful, courteous and professional. They answered all my questions. I never felt rushed. I couldn't ask for better customer service.

I ordered the guitar at about 2:20 on a Monday afternoon. I received it Wednesday afternoon (I was tracking it on the UPS site the whole way, believe me!). for free shipping, I thought this was OUTSTANDING!

I unpacked it, taking video in case there was something damaged. The case had one very slight ding (half the size of a BB), likely from shipping, but was otherwise in perfect condition.

The guitar was in perfect condition. And she was absolutely beautiful! Damn near took my breath away. She was the exact guitar in the pictures, and I was almost afraid to touch her.


After taking many pictures, I tuned her up and strummed my first chord. Holy harmonics, Batman! The sun came out. The angels started singing. Having played a Martin for decades, I should have expected a good sound. But WOW! If she sounds this good in mint condition, I'm expecting that when she opens up in a few years, all the water around me is going to turn to wine!

I've had her for a week now. I've played her every chance I've gotten. My fingers are shredded. My wife says the bed is a little crowded, but I told her to get used to it.

The only issue we had in the whole process was that the extra strings that were part of the deal were not in stock, so I am waiting for those. Maury and Heather were both apologetic (though there was no apology necessary after receiving the guitar so quickly, I assure you), and plan to send me the strings when they come in.

To summarize:
If you're considering buying a Martin guitar online, want the best prices available and want prompt, professional service, Maury is your guy. I plan to do business with him again in the future. I already have more items in my cart that I plan to purchase from him when they get the strings in.

As for my new Martin... it's a dream come true. I will enjoy it for the rest of my life. and will pass it down to my daughter for her to play and pass on long after I'm gone.
David Henderson
Posted: 07 February 2013 - 10:19 PM
I should probably add a note about the K&K Pure Mini pickup that Maury installed.

This is a simple, straight pickup with no pre-amp. Mine does not have a volume control, though they do make an add-on and a pickup with volume control. It does not require any holes in the side, only a bit larger end button hole.

Though the instructions indicate that installation is permanent, I understand that it is possible to remove the plate transducers with very minimal, if any, damage to the bridge plate. So, if I decide to upgrade in 20 years, I can do so relatively easily... and I don't have to match any new pickup with any existing side holes.

Here is the website with the description:

I borrowed an inexpensive Marshal MD15CD amp from a friend and did not use any pre-amp.

The sound was very nice, tones were clear and bright (though not as bright as they are acoustically). It does not have the same full acoustic retro sound as the new Retro series Martins (they use the Fishman F1 Aura Plus system), but the notes are pure and have even volume across the board.

Since I don't play plugged-in very often, the electronics were not my primary concern. I just need to be able to be plugged in and heard. I feel it can hold its own in future jam sessions with my buds. They have all the pre-amps and pedals I might need to get whatever additional sound I might want.

I think the K&K is a pretty neat setup. It doesn't take ANYTHING away from the acoustic sound or the aesthetic beauty of the guitar and, surprise! I can go electric with ease.

I give this combination high marks and highly recommend it for anyone seeking an easy and very good pickup system that has no impact on the acoustic integrity and visual beauty of the guitar.
Customers helping customers : Guitar Purchases : D28 w/ K&K Pure Mini Pickup

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