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About Reverend Guitars

Established in 1997, Reverend Guitars have made a name for themselves by producing uniquely styled, innovative and high - quality instruments at a price point affordable to every musician. With an extensive line of both electric guitars and basses, whether you’re looking for to emulate the sound of the classics or for something a little more novel, there is almost certainly a Reverend guitar that will suit your needs.

At first glance it’s obvious that Reverend guitars are, at their core, retro-inspired instruments but what separates them from so many of their competitors it that they are not afraid to innovate when necessary. While obviously paying homage to the classic guitars we’ve all grown up playing and listening to, they also take a step back, objectively looking at a guitar's strengths and weaknesses and improving on these designs where possible. Features such as more modern floating bridges and tremolos, custom designed pickups or even blend knobs as opposed to separate bass/treble volume controls go a long way towards adding modern convenience to classic tone. These small touches enhance the playability of their instruments and making them more versatile and intuitive.

After deciding to make the jump into electric guitars, Maury’s Music chose Reverend to be our first offered brand because the ideals of the company hold closely to our own. Reverend is run by a small, dedicated team of guitar enthusiasts, proud of the guitars they make and concerned with the quality of every product that leaves their hands, regardless of price. While the instruments are built in Korea, every guitar passes through Reverend's U.S. headquarters, hand set up by their sole guitar technician, whose initials will be found handwritten on the back of every headstock along with that guitar's serial number. It’s this attention to detail and hands-on attitude that first drew our attention... but after getting our hands on the instruments, it was the sound that sealed the deal.




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