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Mesa/Boogie JP2C Head

Sorry, this head is no longer available.

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Mesa/Boogie JP2C Head

A Legend, 30 Years in the Making!
If you play electric guitar, chances are you've heard of John Petrucci and Dream Theater. You may even know of MESA's 30 year relationship building many of his favorite amplifiers - the very same amplifiers you might have chosen for your sound. This distinguished list includes the Mark IIC+,
Dual Rectifier, TriAxis, Mark IV and Mark V to name a few.

In celebration of John's talent, his life-long dedication to MESA's shared art, and the long relationship MESA has enjoyed with him, MESA is proud to introduce the
JP-2C.  MESA's first unlimited-build Signature Amplifier.

And YES... it's a MARK IIC+! A next generation Re-Issue of the legendary amp so many Recording Artists, MESA enthusiasts and Tone Freaks the world over covet, often searching high and low to find. Only THIS IIC+ pulls in an enhanced feature set born from Mesa's collaboration with John over a period of three decades of research and development.  

Simplicity in Design!
Much like a race car or fighter jet, the JP-2C strips down to bare essentials to get the job done effectively, in the simplest way. It's a purpose built, no compromise rendering that aims at one single goal; deliver the most aggressive, purest sounding IIC+ EVER in a versitale package that delivers the goods to meet John's recording and stage needs. All Things Heavy! But more specifically; the highest headroom Clean sound possible, a Crunch rhythm that has Lead Channel gain available, but is tight, grinding and articulate, and the ultimate Boogie Lead Channel with access to even more saturation and the ability to track any technique and speed while also reaching to the stratosphere for single note solos.

In that spirit, unlike other Mesa amplifiers, the JP-2C foregoes the concept of multiple voicing Modes derived from other Mesa circuits and instead dedicates each of the three Channels exclusively to circuit voicing's of the Mark IIC+, including the new SHRED Mode, which further enhances the top end harmonic layering of the original IIC+ Lead Circuit.

See our "JP-2C Features tab" for more information.

  • Amp Type: Tube
  • Chassis Material: Aluminum
  • Rectifier Type: Silicon Diodes
  • Rectifier Tubes: N/A
  • Variac Power Switch: N/A
  • Preamp Tubes: 5x Mesa 12AX7
  • Power Amp Tubes: 4x Mesa 6L6
  • Bias Switch for Alternate Power Tubes Types: N/A
  • Maintenance Free Fixed Bias: Yes
  • Wattage(s) Quick Reference: 60 or 100 Watts via 60/100 Watt Global Power Switch - See Power Amp Details for more information.
  • Built-In Power Amp Attenuation: N/A
  • Power Amp Details (Class & Wattage): Class A/B Power with Selectable, Global 60/100 Power Switch - Provides Two Power Options: Choose 2 Power Tubes, Producing 60 Watt of Small Block-Power or All 4 Power Tubes, Producing 100 Watts of Big-Block Horespower and Authority
  • Convection or Fan Cooling: Fan Cooled
  • Number of Footswitchable Channels (or Modes): Three Channels
  • Number of Style Modes: Five
  • Number of Style Modes Per Channel: One on Channel 1, Two on Channels 2 & 3
  • Types of Style Modes Per Channel: Ch.1 = Mark IIC+ Clean, Ch.2 = Mark IIC+ Gain or Shred, Ch.3 = Mark IIC+ Gain or Shred
  • Channel Controls: Channel 1 Features: Independent Gain, Treble, Mid/Boost (patent applied for; Doubles as a Standard Midrange Tone Control from 1 to 5 AND a Variable Gain Boost Control from 5 to 10, Providing Precise Levels of Sweet Harmonic Overdrive), Bass, Presence, Reverb (rear panel), Assignment Switch for Dual 5-Band Graphic EQs (EQ 1 or EQ 2 - On, Off or Footswitchable) & Master Controls. Channel 2 & 3 Features: Shred Mode (Assignment Switch in Lower Right Corner of EQ Section - MIDI Switchable), Independent Gain w/ Pull Gain Boost, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence w/ Pull Frequency Shift, Reverb (rear panel), Assignment Switch for Dual 5-Band Graphic EQs (EQ 1 or EQ 2 - On, Off or Footswitchable) & Master Controls
  • Graphic EQ and/or Contour: TWO Selectable 5-Band Graphic EQs (Footswitchable, Channel Assignable or Off)
  • Reverb / Effects & Bypass Options: Footswitchable, All-Tube, Long-Tank Spring Reverb with Independent Channel Controls
  • Effects Loop & Bypass Options: Fully Buffered Series Tube FX Loop (MIDI Switchable)
  • Global Output Level Control: N/A
  • Global Solo Level Control & Bypassable Options: N/A
  • True-Bypass Options: N/A
  • Tuner Output: N/A
  • External Switching Jack Options and/or Midi: MIDI Switchable/Programmable via Control Change and Program Change Messages, with 256 Preset Location (MIDI IN, MIDI Thru/Out, MIDI Channel & Store Switches) - Controls Channels 1, 2, 3, EQ 1, EQ 2, Shred, Reverb & FX Loop
  • Speaker Outputs: One 16 Ohm, One 8 Ohm and Two 4 Ohm
  • Cabinet Simulation - Direct Live/Recording Output: Built-in MESA CabClone Cab Simulator with Internal Amp Load & Headphone Output - Featuring Closed Back, Open Back & Vintage Cabinet Simulations, Speaker On/Off, Ground Lift and +4/-10 Output Level Switches
  • Headphone Output: Yes (see Cabinet Simulation for more information)
  • Slave Output: Yes
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