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Red-Eye Preamp
Red-Eye Preamp
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Red-Eye Preamp


Red-Eye Musical Instrument PreamplifierTM

The Red-Eye Instrument Preamp offers a simple, one-box, direct-connect solution to musicians playing instruments with high-impedance piezoelectric pickups…for example, the L.R. Baggs violin bridge pickup.  Any passive instrument pickup is supported. 

The Red-Eye Preamp’s high input-impedance allows piezoelectric pickups to operate essentially unloaded, which results in a smooth, natural, acoustic instrument tone.  Low distortion, low noise, and generous headroom mean clear tone comes through even when an instrument is played percussively and loudly.

The Red-Eye Preamp also works well with instruments that have magnetic pickups, such as electric guitars and electric basses.

  • Input: high-impedance, 1 million ohms, maximum 1 volt peak-to-peak level.
  • Low-impedance, balanced, XLR output, 600 ohms, will drive long cables to mix-board. 
  • Boost button with volume control for amplifying solos.
  • Treble control to boost or reduce treble.
  • Long 9-volt battery life (~200 hours). 
  • Automatic battery check: OK Light flashes for 1 second when preamp is powered up.
  • Automatically uses XLR Phantom Power, when available, instead of the battery.
  • ¼ inch output and input for accessory loop, suitable for stomp-tuners or effects boxes or for output to on-stage guitar amps or PAs.
  • Internal filtering to reject radio-frequency interference from neon lights and cell phones.
  • Small Size: 1.25 x 2.25 x 4.25 inches.  Weight: 10 ounces.


Red-Eye Preamp Signal Path:

  • The Instrument Input impedance is over 1,000,000 ohms.
  • The Effects Loop Output impedance is less than 4,000 ohms.
  • The XLR Output impedance is 600 ohms.
  • Frequency response is flat from 25 Hz to 18 KHz when Treble Control is centered.
  • Boost level above no Boost:  Minimum Boost = +4db, Maximum Boost = +9 db

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